McPherson is a manufacturer of scientific instruments, with over 60 years’ of experience. We specialize in high performance spectrometers and purpose built spectroscopy systems. We also know the soft x-ray and vacuum ultraviolet region and provide related state of the art components and services. Our optimized spectrometers are for wavelengths from 1 nanometer to 20 microns and energies from 0.05 eV up to 2 keV.

VUV light source

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30 nm He II series and up

UV monochromator

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30 to 1100 nm range

soft x-ray, SXR, extreme ultraviolet, EUV, and vacuum ultraviolet, VUV spectrograph or spectrometer

VUV Si diode

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From Visible light to 1 keV

Silicon photodiode detector is Nitrided, has response from visible region to more than 1000eV, and has 10x10mm sensitive area