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Programmable XUV Spectrometer

Grazing Incidence Monochromator, Programmable XUV Spectrometer

Make direct optical measurements from one to 300 nanometers with the Model 248/310 grazing incidence spectrometer. Test your soft x-ray (XUV) high energy light sources (plasma or laser) and samples. Measure life time, persistence or decay with continuous spectral scanning. A normal scan with diode or channel electron multiplier equipped instruments takes about twenty minutes. Resolve, clearly discern, record and store spectra and spectral events in the 1 to 300nm scanning range. New “up” scanning feature combines the 789A-3 digital drive and 248/310 spectrometer system accessories. Programming and presetting of scan ranges is possible. Investigation of spectral events in any wide or narrow range segment is programmable.

For example, analyze a hollow cathode discharge, or other plasma emission, for spectral content and decay within a pre-set scan range. Coordinate data collection at specific wavelengths with soft- or hardware triggers. Set wavelength scan region via software backed up by hardware. An optional adjustable end switch system for the 248/310 is available. McPherson’s vacuum spectrometers are available in focal lengths of 0.2 to two meters and more. They are prepared for high-vacuum and also with all metal seals for ultra high vacuum applications. Accessories like light sources, detectors, and sample chambers are available. All vacuum compatible, calibrated sources and detectors too.

McPherson, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA USA) manufactures a variety of instruments that measure and tune specific wavelengths of light. For more than fifty years, we've served international and domestic customers in university and research laboratories.


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