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Technical Specifications
Technical Data sheet describing McPherson Commander UV Triple Spectrometer

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High Performance Ultraviolet Raman Triple Spectrometer, McPherson Commander News Release | Ultraviolet Raman & PL Spectroscopy

Exceptional High Performance UV Raman Triple Spectrometer

Enhanced ultraviolet response and good light throughput with a robust, open architecture set the Commander™ apart. This triple spectrometer for Raman works in the 185 to 2200 nanometer region with a selection of diffraction gratings. Operating at f/5 it has impressive light gathering power. It delivers edge rejection within 5cm-1 in the visible spectral region. This instrument is free from chromatic aberrations using mirrors throughout. In addition the aspheric mirrors correct and improve imaging performance for excellent signal levels at the detector, even with weakly emitting samples. The entrance slit width and intermediate aperture in the filter stage allow users to set slope of the edge rejection as well as the wavelength range at the detector. The primary spectrograph is vacuum compatible. The double-monochromator filter stage and sample area may be Nitrogen purged to eliminate water and oxygen absorption. Under ideal circumstances, this combination of environmental control allows work to wavelengths as short as 160nm.

The Commander™ is ideal for research, development, and educators. The new system combines performance and delivers value like never before. The new and improved Commander™ features multiple ports for different experiments, UV Raman and Photoluminescence for example. Use simple computer controlled tuning for multiple laser wavelengths; cost effective considering investment in notch filters. The Commander™ is a wonderful example of a high tech power tool for Raman spectroscopy. With superb resolution, stray light suppression, excellent imaging and durability, the McPherson system will give you many years of stable performance.

McPherson (Chelmsford MA USA) manufactures instruments that measure and tune wavelengths of light; providing solutions for optical spectroscopy. The company is proud of its ongoing worldwide role in photonics research. We engage scientists involved in basic research as well as in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, energy and environmental industries. For more information call 1-978-256-4512 or visit the


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