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C-mount adapters improve connection and range of useful detectors

C-mount adapters broaden scope of possible detectors for imaging and multi-chord spectroscopy

A new series of adapters, simplifying integration of c-mount cMOS and CCD cameras with McPherson high performance spectrometers, is now available. Easy and secure c-mount adapters are suitable for cryogenic, TE-cooled, deep depletion, near infrared InGaAs, and sensitive Silicon visible range cameras. They fasten via 1-inch, 32-pitch screw thread with 17.526mm back distance to focal plane. C-mount adapters are widely used for many types of digital cameras. Two dimensional detectors like digital cameras are essential for techniques like spectral imaging and multi-fiber spectroscopy. The new McPherson adapters have a nested design to accommodate the threaded, rotating c-mount. The new adapters allow mounting c-mount detectors firmly, precisely and in the correct rotational orientation on spectrometers to intercept well focused spectra at the focal plane. A micrometer inside the spectrometer -- not a wiggly draw tube -- allows precise and reproducible focus trimming (if required.) The adapters are available as optional accessories for all new and legacy McPherson instruments.

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