novel off plane spectrometer for harmonic sorting and dlight delivery to smples in TOF or other spectrometers
High Energy & Atto-Fast Spectroscopy!

Technical Specifications
Technical Data sheet describing the off-plane monochromator

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Exceptional Throughput, Minimized Stretching

Off Plane SXR EUV Spectrometer

For sorting laser harmonics and other applications, McPherson (Chelmsford, MA) is pleased to present a new conical-diffraction, off-plane soft x-ray spectrometer (OP-XCT). Designed for operation from 8 to 125 nm (10 to 150 eV), the OP-XCT operates as a monochromator or imaging spectrograph. With a coarse diffraction grating and CCD, it can survey a very broad EUV wavelength swath, dispersing from 10 to 140 nm on a detector 12 mm wide. Thanks to the new optical system, the McPherson OP-XCT offers exceptional light throughput, and minimum stretching in fast pulse laser applications.

The triple grating mount works under vacuum and improves efficiency at user specified harmonics. Planar gratings used in the OP-XCT are available with different blaze angles, providing opportunity to optimize instrument response for chosen applications.

Spectral resolution of the OP-XCT is a controllable function via selected gratings, entrance slit and source size. With a 50 um source and a CCD detector, the 800mm focal length OP-XCT resolving power (λ/Δλ) is better than 300 at 25.6nm (48eV).

The precision wavelength drive is ideal for energy scans and high accuracy staring applications. The OP-XCT permits selection of grating rotation to work at positive and negative diffracted orders. This is all important for configuring time compensated double monochromators. The wavelength drive remains linear throughout, for easy calibration. Available in an ultra high vacuum (UHV) or high-vacuum versions, the OP-XCT is a powerful tool for laser generated high harmonic experiments like photoemission spectroscopy and pump probe ARPES.


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