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QC Spectrophotomer - 24kB

This spectrophotometer system permits absolute measurement of reflectance, transmission, absorption, optical density, scatter, and emission by various measuring means with highly resolved wide ranging UV VIS IR illumination and detection. This is a unique system for many types of samples and specimens.

The excitation 0.67 m focal length monochromator, Model 207, uses a variety of components to permit beam shaping and wavelength choice through multiple ports. Beam condensing, collimation, focusing, and variable bandpass is given. An optional prism predisperser, Model 608, before the primary spectrometer can be employed for order sorting. A secondary port also allows the introduction of continuous broad band radiation to the sample chamber. A quantum counter reference is situated at the entrance beam providing a means to compute corrected spectra.

The sample chamber has kinematic provisions for placement of various holders and manipulators. The support system holding the excitation and emission monochromators can be rotated about the sample chamber center to allow unlimited choice of incident angle. It is possible to measure "straight through" transmission or reflectance from a grazing angle of 179 to a normal incidence angle of 10. A goniometric sample manipulator is installed for absorption, optical density, reflection and transmission applications. This manipulator is roll, pitch, yaw, and x-axis adjustable and accommodates odd shaped samples. Integration type measurements are accomplished with an insertable integrating sphere assembly. An annular accessory lends itself to the study of spectrofluorescence and scatter. This component illuminates the sample from a full 360 direction at an incident angle of 45. Polarization accessories mount to the entrance and exit ports of the sample chamber.

The emission monochromator system features two instruments with first surface optic components. The unit has a beam switch that supplies intercepted energy to the predisperser, Model 608, and 0.67 m focal length spectrometer, Model 207, or the 0.35 m focal length spectrograph, Model 2035. The short focal length model is used for fast reviewing of spectra via a CCD camera. The long focal length unit serves to scan and analyze with higher resolution. Each of the monochromators are completely automated and contain dual grating turrets.

The complete system is operated via a custom software package. This software controls all mechanical features such as band width control via the slit assemblies, wavelength scanning, sampling angle, and grating selection. Complete control of the photon counter, lock-in amplifier, analog photometer and advanced mathematical features is also given. Complex routines on complex samples can be performed with unsurpassed sensitivity and accuracy.

The system is extremely versatile. It is a simple to control instrument for research and industry. McPherson's customizing capabilities will address your special sample handling and other needs.

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