McPherson Systems and Applications

UV-Vis to LWIR Spectral Calibration & Measurement
UV-Vis to LWIR Spectral Test Station
Remote Sensing / Multiple Fiber and Imaging Spectrometers
Vis-IR Spectrophotometer for Reflection / Transmission / Emission Test
Vis-IR Spectrophotometer with Reflectometer
Cathode Luminescence
Raman and Photoluminescence Systems
Multi- Purpose Spectroscopy Workstation
Fiber Optic QC and Test Station

Vacuum (Purge) Applications

Vacuum UV Excited Phosphor, PDP, Emission Testing
Vacuum UV Spectrophotometer ( Refl / Trans / Emission Testing )
Vacuum UV Spectrophotometer ( Trans / variable angle Refl )
VUVaS 2000 Dual Beam Spectrophotometer for 120 to 380nm
Deep UV Thin Film Analysis
Vacuum & Extreme UV Monochromatic Illumination

High Intensity Monochromatic Source


Extreme UV Source Calibration

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