Sample Handling & Chambers

From macro-Raman to VUV reflectance to luminescence of cryogenically cooled samples we have sample mounting chambers for a variety of spectroscopy applications

sample chamber for Transmittance, Fluorescence, Raman, Photoluminescence, Reflectance

Thermostated, f/2 T-configuration, Model 127

This sample chamber is an intrinsic part of our spectroscopy workstation. f/2 optics provide sensitivity for absorbance, luminescence or fluorescence measurements. There are two (fluorescence) ports positioned in a "T" configuration to allow simultaneous measurement of polarized light. Simultaneous absorbance measurement is possible. Photomultiplier tubes or monochromators (eg. 272 or 2035) can be attached to each port. The sample chamber supports numerous temperature control, filter and polarizer accessories. You can do Raman measurements too! All elements can be gas purged for work in the infrared. This sample chamber accepts various types of samples. Gas cells, 10 x 10mm cuvettes, flow cells are possible. 25 mm disks are standard. Cuvette cells are available with constant temperature (between 30°C and 100°C by water) and stirring.

Model 108 transmission and reflectance sample chamber for larger samples

Goniometer for Visible & Infrared

This sample chamber is for measuring reflection, transmission, absorbance from specular, diffuse or diffractive samples. Two built in detectors (photomultiplier and infrared photodiode) detect the Visible and NIR region. Detectors may be substituted for LN2 cooled LWIR. Due to the combination of sample and detector movements, specular and diffuse measurements are possible. Sample stage and detector position readout in degrees. It is available in two sizes: Model 107 accepts samples up to 50 mm diameter and has variable angle of incidence: 6 to 60 degrees. Detector position for reflectance (emission) detection moves from 12 to 180 degrees (for transmission). Model 108 accepts samples up to 150 mm diameter and has variable angle of incidence: 5 to 60 degrees. Detector position for reflectance (emission) detection moves from 10 to 180 degrees (for transmission). XY, tip and tilt adjustable sample holder. XY and rotation of sample permits large area mapping. Several monochromator models and source units work with these sample chambers. Select one to meet your desired spectral resolution.

Diffuse Reflectance & Transmittance Accessory

Diffuse Reflectance & Transmittance, Model 109

Diffuse Reflectance & Transmittance Accessory for 25mm diameter samples. Measures diffuse reflectance and the specular reflectance component may be included or excluded. Also measures transmission. The McPherson Model 109 accessory simplifies testing of diffuse samples as well as other common spectral measurements (color, etc.) The McPherson Model 109 utilizes an integrating sphere with several testing ports where samples can be analyzed. Bolting on to most McPherson monochromators, retrofitting your older model is as easy. Applications for monochromators equipped with the 109 include: Diffuse and specular reflectance testing | Transmission testing | Intensity measurement: The integrating properties of the sphere combined with the unsurpassed precision of a McPherson monochromator are ideal for testing intensity and output wavelengths of sources and response of detectors.

Raman, Photoluminescence, Fluorescence sample chamber

Macro Raman Sample Chamber, Model 125

Sample Chamber for Raman and Fluorescence Measurements with high throughput optics and XYZ sample positioning. It accepts cuvettes, test tubes, solids, etc. Includes space for mounting filters and polarizers. The Model 125 sample accessory provides flexible mounting of samples for 90° excitation/emission spectroscopy. Raman, PL and Fluorescence techniques are well served with the incident laser focusing, and lens coupling to the spectrometer. Reflectors are provided to optimize excitation and collection. A broad range of samples may be accepted. Liquid samples are measured in cuvettes (10 x 10 mm), mini test tubes (6 mm diameter), or micro capillaries. Solid samples are measured in similar containers or mounted via the universal clamp. This accessory is designed to mount directly to the entrance slit of any McPherson spectrometer. We offer systems especially for Raman and PL work too

vacuum ultraviolet transmission and goniometric reflectance sample chamber

VUV Reflectance & Transmission, Model 121 Data Sheet »

The McPherson Model 121 Sample Chamber is a high performance and precise instrument that facilitates measurement of reflection and transmission in the vacuum ultraviolet spectral wavelength region. This sample chamber works with selected light source, monochromator and beam delivery to enable absolute spectral measurements of Percent transmission and Percent reflectance. The Model 121 is ideal for testing and measuring flat glass, AR coatings, reflectors, solar cell coatings, optical filters, lens coatings and crystalline glasses. This reflectance and transmission measurement system provides spectral measurement of anti-reflection thin film, metallic, sputter or ion beam assisted coating on polished substrates. Controlled optical geometry and excellent monochromator performance deliver accurate, repeatable reflection measurements for glass or polished transmission elements.
The Model 121 sample chamber works great with a high throughput vacuum monochromator like the Model 234/302. For work from 120 to 350 nanometers, Deuterium provides a ready source(see Model 632). The 121 chamber readily reaches the 10E-6 torr vacuum region with proper pumping

vacuum ultraviolet transmission and goniometric reflectance sample chamber for larger samples

VUV Goniometer for Large Samples, Model 121MX Data Sheet »

For transmission and variable angle reflectance measurements under vacuum and/or purge conditions with larger samples. Sample diameters up to 300mm DIA can fit! XY, tip and tilt adjustable sample holder. XY and rotation of sample permit spatial mapping. Variable angle of incidence: 10 to 60 degrees. Reflectance (emission) detection angle: 20 to 180 degrees. These clean systems readily reache the 10E-6 torr vacuum region with proper pumping (optional) or in case you work with purge gas, values below 1 ppm O2 and H2O with dry Nitrogen are routinely achieved.

Spectral Emission, Excitation and Lifetime Measurement of Phosphors and Scintillators

VUV Luminescence & Phosphor Test Chamber

Vacuum or purge environment chamber is ideal for coupling to ultraviolet line emission sources or monochromators to excite samples with tunable ultraviolet energy. Fast shuttered emission allows measuring and monitoring emission, excitation and lifetime of signal. Systems for industry handle up to 20 ambient temperature sample cups with horizontal mounting. We also manufacture single sample holders with cryogenic cooling and/or heating (to 300 deg C.) This sample chamber is routinely integrated to complete systems like PDP and phosphor test system. For work from 120 to 350nm a Deuterium lamp like the Model 632 is used for excitation. We can also provide Excimer line lamps working in the vacuum and ultraviolet. The sample chamber reaches the 10E-6 torr vacuum region with proper pumping (optional.)

Here are a few more examples of sample chambers for large samples. These accept samples up to 300mm diameter and 100mm thick! They also handle semiconductor 6025 samples and wafers. The massive samples load horizontally for operator safety. Sample stages scan to spatially map the large sample areas. Built in pitch and roll adjustments permit optimum alignment. Rotational adjustment is allowed too and enables mapping the total sample area.

tranmission, very clean, 6025 samples, mapping
transmission and reflectance, cryogenic sample holder
tranmission, 300mm diameter samples, mapping