Letter to our Customers

Dear Customer,

McPherson, the scientific instrument firm was founded over 65 years ago. It has attained worldwide recognition and has served niche markets in industry and science ever since.

Its product line of precision analytical tools helps scientists and researchers to investigate molecular and atomic spectra from the infrared into the soft x-ray and short ultraviolet wavelength regions. The company’s specific know how has also made it an important supplier of vacuum and IR spectroscopy products and optics to serve semiconductor related industries.

McPherson has designed and built spectrometers that one can slip into a hip or apron pocket and instruments that weigh 20 tons. Spectrographs have been built that fly in space rockets to search out the sun and record age-old secrets. These instruments were created in Normal Incidence, Grazing Incidence, Criss-Cross, Seya-Namioka and some McPherson patented optical designs.

Our customer list reads like "Who's Who." The broad use of our products has given us great strength and depth. The product lines encompass:
They are reflected on our website and in our catalog. We assist customers and users. We also develop and manufacture scientific instruments and systems to solve specific analytical challenges. We are ready to assist and invite your inquiries. We will certainly try to be of help and service to you.

McPherson, The Spectroscopy People