Manufacturing, Coating and Measurement Services

We can help you with fabrication, vacuum welding, and assembly. Special services include vacuum leak testing, deep-UV optical measurements, and scintillator coating. Leverage our instrument, systems and vacuum experience for your benefit. As a systems manufacturer, we put our knowledge at your disposal. We are just a phone call away.

Deep and Vacuum Ultraviolet UV Spectrophotometer

Deep and Vacuum UV Measurements

We provide a range of optical metrology systems. As a service, we will measure your samples with our deepultraviolet VUVAS spectrophotometer. We accept research samples as well as short QA/QC and characterization runs. Call to discuss your requirements.

Precision Vacuum Welding

Machining, Welding, Assembly

McPherson manufacturing services save you time and manpower with fast turnaround and on-time delivery. We provide machining, fabrication, welding, assembly and more; in volumes as required. Outline your requirements for us, we will give you a prompt response.

Sodium salicylate scintillator coated windows

Scintillator Coatings

We coat sodium salicylate on a variety of substrates. Use our standard windows, or send us your microscope slides, and coherent fiber windows. Our scinillator provides an economical, stable and very effective method of visualizing invisible ultraviolet light. Contact us with your requirements.

Helium Leak Detection

Helium & RGA Leak Detection

McPherson certifies parts and assemblies for use in high vacuum and UHV. We have capabilities to machine, weld, Helium leak test and RGA certify. We control all the critical aspects of vacuum fabrication. We have made thousands of vacuum components! Call to discuss your requirements.