Reflective Condensers and Focusing

Reflective condensers are used to gather and focus light. They are unique becasue they use mirrors rahter than conventional lenses for beam delivery. We make specific models for some instruments and wavelength regions.

this reflective condenser is available for one or up to four sources

UV/VIS to IR Reflective Condenser

Model 617A reflective condensing system and focusing accessory for coupling light sources to monochromators. It uses two mirrors to focus to the entrance slit. The reflective system eliminates chromatic aberration, provides maximum spectral range, and does not require refocusing. Accessories like light choppers and filter wheels can also fit inside next to the slit. Versions with rotatable mirror available for up to four source direction. Motorization optional

this reflective condenser for vacuum ultraviolet is available for one or two sources

Reflective Condenser, Vacuum Compatible

Model 615 vacuum compatible reflective condenser is an energy optimizer. Used in the vacuum ultraviolet spectral region, the semi- grazing incidence angle of the mirror promotes good reflective efficiency. It collects and focuses divergent source energy to the spectrometer entrance slit. It's most popular with our model 632 deuterium lamp and 234/302 vacuum monochromator where it provide 3-5X more light throughput. Versions with rotatable mirror available for up to two sources. Motorization optional. Also available for ultra high vacuum (UHV).

another version of vacuum reflective condenser uses normal incidence angle

Reflective Condenser (NI), Vacuum Compatible

Model 615B normal-incidence reflective condenser is a variant of our energy optimizer. In this case the optic, distances and angle of incidence have been changed. It provides better imaging performance from source to slit, especially when toroidal or elliptical focus optics are used. The angle necessitates use at longer wavelengths e.g. less than 10eV. The 615B is also mostly used with instruments with f/no. greater than 6