670mm focal length, optically fast, f/4.7 monochromator
High Throughput Spectrometer

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Model 207 f/4.7 VUV and IR Monochromator

The McPherson Model 207 is the best spectrometer when you need high-brightness over a broad spectral range.

With the use of custom, gold-coated optics or MgF2 coatings optimized for the UV, it excels at measurements from the deep UV, through visible wavelengths, into the long-wave infrared. The Model 207V (a vacuum version) even allows use into the VUV and Vacuum IR wavelengths. Both versions of the Model 207 are ideal instruments for use in tunable light source systems for illumination, imaging, and spectroscopy.

A fast spectrometer is essential to collect light in both the VUV and the IR regimes of the spectrum. Whether the spectrometer is being used as a light source to deliver the most light possible or is used to collect a signal, the higher collection efficiency of faster f number and optimized optics coating is essential. This makes the Model 207 and the Model 207V ideal spectrometers for experiments conducted in the VUV or the IR.

The new Model 207 is a 670mm focal length, optically fast, f/4.7 monochromator. The Model 207V is available in a VUV version for use down to 105nm and in the vacuum IR. It is also now available with off-axis parabolic optics for better imaging, if required. The off-axis parabolic (OAP) mirrors provide both low f/number and stigmatic monochromator performance. The Model 207A with OAP optics provides coincident sagittal and tangential foci as well as perfect collimation and focusing, which is beneficial in source systems. The combination of OAP with either the Model 207 or the Model 207V make this an ideal system for small compact images, such as for use in Raman, with small laser exited sources, or with imaging detectors.

Other features include Snap-In™ diffraction gratings optimized for spectral resolution and/or for wavelength range coverage. Gratings are available to cover wavelength ranges from 105 nm to 100 μm! For CCD’s, it has an accessible 50-millimeter wide focal plane and precise and durable slits for coupling free-space or fiber optics.

Researchers who need versatile high-brightness as a tunable light source for diagnostic or analytical spectroscopy use the Model 207. Call McPherson for a consultation today. We can help you customize your spectrometer for your specific application.


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