McPherson designs, builds, tests and installs

McPherson designs, builds, tests and installs spectrometers, monochromators, spectrographs, and optical systems for science applications at commercial, university and federal research laboratories around the world. Established in 1953, our in-house team has hundreds of years' experience. We strive to provide the highest quality optical instruments consistently, for all our customers. These are custom designs but more often based on our comprehensive range of standard products. They are finished per published specifications or tweaked for specific scientific requirements. Diligence and understanding of our clients' needs built a long record of successful accomplishments. Need more? Get our capabilities sheet here or check Wikipedia

letter from chief operating officer (C00)

Letter from the COO

My 35 year affiliation with McPherson, and the company’s 65 year involvement in scientific instrument manufacture and design results in a line of precision analytical tools. Scientists use these tools to... Read more

the early days, prism spectrograph in nose cone of an Aerobee rocket

Brief history

A few points to describe the arc of McPherson instruments over the years. Thanks to our customers, we have to edit this list to prevent it getting too long. Read more. See also our capabilities sheet and check Wikipedia

Sodium salicylate scintillator coated windows

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We coat sodium salicylate on a variety of substrates. Use our standard windows, or send us your microscope slides, and coherent fiber windows. Our scinillator provides an economical, stable and very effective method of visualizing invisible ultraviolet light. Contact us with your requirements.

Helium Leak Detection

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McPherson certifies parts and assemblies for use in high vacuum and UHV. We have capabilities to machine, weld, Helium leak test and RGA certify. We control all the critical aspects of vacuum fabrication. We have made thousands of vacuum components! Call to discuss your requirements.