Quick, accurate wavelength identification helps attosecond, compact EUV and high-harmonic laser generation researchers
Extreme Ultraviolet (XUV) Monochrometer

Technical Specifications
Data sheet for the 248/310 grazing incidence monochromator

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SXR monochromator works 3 different ways

Soft x-ray and extreme ultraviolet monochromator / spectrometer

Do you have applications for analysis and diagnostics with high energy spectra? The vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) Model 248/310 grazing incidence monochromator fits the bill. Easily make spectral measurements around 13 nanometers and throughout the extreme vacuum ultraviolet and soft x-ray wavelength region. It is ideal for work from 10eV to more than 1000eV.

For direct detection of extreme vacuum ultraviolet and soft x-ray wavelengths, windowless back illuminated CCD's are used. Sensitivity of CCD's at short wavelengths can surpass that in the visible spectral region. When gated detection is required, open microchannel plate intensifiers are available. It also works with point detectors and as a scanning monochromator. The slit or detectors scan along the Rowland circle. Integrate with an electron impact or hollow cathode spectral lamp to make a tunable light source.

The McPherson Model 248/310 is perfect for XUV HHG spectroscopy applications. X-ray plasma diagnostics, extreme ultraviolet optical characterization, soft x-ray metrology and astrophysics calibration are typical applications. Attosecond pulse, high harmonic lasers (HHG), and EUVL semiconductor source and process development are too. For all, the McPherson Model 248/310 spectrometer provides user-friendly and fast spectra from a wide range of extreme vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) and soft x-ray (SXR) wavelengths.

This research grade spectrometer has uncompromising performance. It is our pleasure to deliver components as well as system-level solutions. Since it is vacuum-tight, we work with you to make sure coupling flanges, light collection optics, filters, and so on are considered and properly implemented. The Model 248/310 is also available for ultra high vacuum (UHV), metal-sealed, 10E-10 Torr applications. Call or email today to learn how the McPherson Model 248/310 grazing incidence monochromator fits to your experiments.

Data sheet


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