VUV spectrophotometers for optical characterization
Deep UV Spectrophotometer

Technical Specifications
Technical Data sheet describing flat field aberration corrected spectrograph

Related Accessories
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-> VUV Collimator
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Chelmsford, MA. APRIL 3, 2018 at McPherson

Deep UV Session No. 2

Practical and Classroom Ultraviolet Measurement Session

McPherson is pleased to announce the spring 2018 hands-on learning session. Held at McPherson headquarters in Chelmsford, Massachusetts USA the “0418 Deep UV Class” provides access to vacuum- and purged deep UV spectrophotometers, ancillary laboratory equipment, and knowledgeable instructors.

We combine classroom explanations with lots of time running instruments, learning and practicing best operating procedures. This course provides a great way to see what the VUVAS series of instruments can do and help you develop the skills to realize their full potential in your laboratory.

Spring 2018 one day course (certificate)

Apply today! Space is limited and schedule subject to change. Registration is free until February 3rd. From February 4th until the meeting the fee is $250. It is easy to register in advance. Just send us an email and wait for our confirmation.

A data sheet for the Deep UV Spectrophotometer is here

Contact McPherson to register or follow the instructions on the flyer


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